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self-recognition, finally

I am
paper cyborg


(not only. but it’s a major part)

Liebe & Politik

meine Liebe im Allgemeinen galt immer vielen:
Freund_innen, Familie, Menschen um mich …

Liebe im Speziellen
als konkrete Sehnsucht
galt (seit ich mich erwachsen nenne) einem Einzelnen dann
wenn er mir Hoffnung (Symbol, Verknüpfung)
auf politische Entwicklung war

Gemein mit der bürgerlichen Paarbeziehung ist mir da
der Wunsch, die Sehnsucht
aus einer Bindung etwas Neues zu erschaffen,
der Keim von etwas Entstehendem, über uns Hinausgehenden zu sein

jedoch will ich keine Familie gründen
sondern Teil einer Bewegung sein (mehr…)

Confessions of a Polit Sexual

Du, ich muss dir was sagen:
Ich fühl mich politisch zu dir hingezogen.

Ja, es bringt mich etwas in Verlegenheit,
denn ich finde es politisch fast unanständig …

Aber ich sag’s dir trotzdem:
Ich hätte gern ein Politdate mit dir.

Vielleicht verrätst du mir dann –
kann ich mir bei dir politische Hoffnungen machen?

Zwischen uns könnte sich was entwickeln,
eine politische Zweierbeziehung?

Oder eher Dreierbeziehung –
politisch bin ich poly.

… Oder willst du nur ‚Genoss_innenschaft‘??


Cheesy Lines and Poor in Language

I fell in love with your text
was the first thing I wanted to say to you

I fell for you
for all the love in your text

my mind is mixing sentences
untill all that’s left are
blank spaces

I met you
and wasn‘t prepared for your presence

I met you
in the sudden intimacy of your thoughts and memories

I met you
in the unexpected spell of your voice,
which word by word builds a path that leads to your past, crossing over to feminist statements, clearly shapeing underlying truths – known all too well – into shared moments of recognition, hope and fight… (mehr…)

Cyborgs we are

are kisses
on the forehead
of your screen


Happy virtual day

My flirting is encrypted
you‘ll need to get my key
to get my compliments

but my code’s not binary
and I‘m not sure if you are
interested in my meta data…

would you like to browse my history
are our systems compatible
do you need a proxy to approach me

how open are you
and how free
is your interest a common one

I‘d like pretty much to get private with you
let’s have a off-the-record-talk
find stealthily a route to me

I‘m gonna open my private window
and look out for your hard drive
… play on my keyboard virtually…

And if it won‘t be a stable release
we can shut down the process
and reboot with another version …


techyeslogy solutions

If I had a wish for free
I would know immediately:
I want to have (not just for me)
long-distance hug technology!


sharing is caring

„citing is caring.“

read my mind <3

I love it when you‘re reading my mind
There’s no need to guess my thoughts
I have written them down
I offer you an insight into my mind
as a gift
of doubtful consistency
I can‘t tell if you will like it

let your eyes wander along my lines
get a taste of my ideas
let your lips hook up with my words
dare to sense
my lyrics resonate
       with joy or anger, passion or ease
in your ears and in your heart
sensations spreading through your breath
inhale my letters
swallow my phrase
make yours what was mine
observe which words will arise from that
take a curious look at them
and with patience and care
surprise yourself with evolving thoughts

transcending place
transcending time
there is nothing more intimate
than minds that meet
witnessing you exploring my inside

I love it when you‘re reading my mind