Scheinwidersprüche: war on holiday

Urlaub in Italien
Tourismus, Essen, Faulenzen
und Krieg im Kopf
– Diktaturen, Staatsterror, Anschläge

das ist das Leben.
Diese absurden Scheinwidersprüche sind so normaler,
traurig normaler,
aber nie gezeigt …

enjoying leisure, doing nothing

can be a challenge

dares me to stand myself
doing nothing

but doing nothing
is so close to being useless,
But I need to be relevant!

So much should be done
but what can you actually do
when all these human-made catastrophies happen?

How could anything be even close to appropiate now?

I don‘t know.
I am useless for the moment
but I can‘t be of any use right now anyways.

Just hold on to your beliefs.
Hold on to your work for a little more justice and compassion.
Hold on to the faith in love and solidarity.

Hold on to your loved ones.
I might not be of a specific use right now.
But love is never useless
- is it? I hope it isn‘t
even if it can‘t be enough.