Cheesy Lines and Poor in Language

I fell in love with your text
was the first thing I wanted to say to you

I fell for you
for all the love in your text

my mind is mixing sentences
untill all that’s left are
blank spaces

I met you
and wasn‘t prepared for your presence

I met you
in the sudden intimacy of your thoughts and memories

I met you
in the unexpected spell of your voice,
which word by word builds a path that leads to your past, crossing over to feminist statements, clearly shapeing underlying truths – known all too well – into shared moments of recognition, hope and fight…

I met you
in the smiles and laughs that accompanied the words;
the short breaks that made us feel the „ …“s and paragraph breaks to our toes;
the way your hands reorganized the hair falling onto your forehead (or is that a memory of my imagination?), knowing just too well what not only your mouth is telling us

I met you
in the way you turned a talk into a story, poem, analysis, manifesto at once,
being full of love and anger, irony, still being laid-back,
precisely put together into one piece
which flows right through me, takes me with it to its ups and downs, but never over the edge and never leaving me behind

I met you
in the way that you write and the way that you read, which are mirrors of each other, which are one, in many pieces, which are you, some glimpses of you only and all of you at the same time;
and I want to follow you in this guidance of the glimpses that you lead us through
and the constant turning of what you build for us to see and what we might find

I met you
in the rhythm of your lines, in the structure of your text, in the words that were not mine nor yours from the beginning, these words that you made yours, to lend us a hand to your point of view;
in the sparkling of your trousers which are one with your talking hands and the person you are talking about

I met you
and I‘ve seen you are human

- not because you write, perform or read so well

I‘ve seen you are human

because my heart beat when I met you
because my eyes couldn‘t make any sense of the sentences in front of them
and the blank spaces in my mind
… well, they didn‘t help with conversation much

I met you
in your blog as well

it’s weird
but you don‘t know about that, obviously:

I met you
in your past, but only now

Time’s a weird thing
even to a writer’s heart

This might rather not be the best I‘ve ever written
(cheesy lines and poor in language)

so, summing it up:

I met you
I recognized myself in the way you are (yourself in) writing

Thank you so much for both,
but foremost for the first