Archiv für Oktober 2014

Farewell …

Your mouth is a projector
constantly creating, maintaining
a wall of words
between us;
unlike a wall of stones or bricks
it is moving, changing
and will vanish if you‘re silent

the words
projected from your mouth
fall, piece after piece
on top of the just spoken
overlying the ones before
like pieces in a Tetris game (mehr…)

To those who will live

When I die
(I don‘t know when or how
- that’s the part of my CV
others will know more about than me)
don‘t be too upset
it happens to everybody


About Germans by Choice or Accident / Über Wahl- und Zufallsdeutsche

(Deutsch unten)

‚Third generation immigrants‘
(with ‚migration background‘)
is an ordinary term
then this tells more
about the country of immigration
than about the immigrants; (mehr…)