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3E (elegant, effective, eloquent)

Letting you know
your writings are read
– the best compliment
a writer can get


Happy virtual day

My flirting is encrypted
you‘ll need to get my key
to get my compliments

but my code’s not binary
and I‘m not sure if you are
interested in my meta data…

would you like to browse my history
are our systems compatible
do you need a proxy to approach me

how open are you
and how free
is your interest a common one

I‘d like pretty much to get private with you
let’s have a off-the-record-talk
find stealthily a route to me

I‘m gonna open my private window
and look out for your hard drive
… play on my keyboard virtually…

And if it won‘t be a stable release
we can shut down the process
and reboot with another version …


techyeslogy solutions

If I had a wish for free
I would know immediately:
I want to have (not just for me)
long-distance hug technology!


klare Beweislage

Mit der Heterosexualität
ist es eigentlich wie mit der Unsterblichkeit –
ich kann sie nicht beweisen, nur falsifizieren:

Finde ich jeden Mann dieser Welt romantisch_sexuell interessant
UND jede Frau romantisch_sexuell uninteressant?

Finde ich selbst den uninteressantesten Mann
noch ansprechender als die interessanteste Frau?
                [Wohl kaum …]

Bin ich heterosexuell, wenn jede Person,
die ich bisher interessant fand, ein Mann war?
- Selbst wenn ja, wer kann sagen, ob morgen eine Person alles ändert?

Bin ich heterosexuell, wenn jede Person,
mit der ich eine sexuelle_ romantische Beziehung hatte, ein Mann war?
- Selbe Gegenfrage.

                usw. usf.

Es scheint als sei ich
hetero und unsterblich


The Good News – Thoughts on Beauty, Power & Attractiveness III

The concept of attractiveness is based on interaction, which means it only works as far as people respond to the established patterns. By not responding, repeating and encouraging to perform (gender biased) bloke-behaviour, it can be destabilised right where it happens.

The concept of beauty is build on aesthetics that are repeated over and other again. Aesthetics can be changed by not repeating them, by not following them, by not sanctioning deviance, by celebrating other pictures.

Change viewing patterns, change patterns of behaviour.
Support and celebrate yourselves and each other and don‘t give a shit for people who try to uphold these oppressions. You don‘t need to listen to them.

Take down the pictures of dead idols on your walls, substitute them with photographs of proud women*, queer women*, women* of color, women* that take up space, persons that inspire by who they are and what they fight for. Draw your own pictures of yourself, of beloved ones, of what you miss and want to see (mehr…)

Painting my Middle Finger Nail Dark Red – Thoughts on Female* Self-Sex

On the wall of my room, there’s a photograph of a woman* lying naked in bed, with her hand in her panties, obviously pleasuring herself.
This is a powerful picture to me and I wish to see notions of female* self-sex¹ in public more often – not in the sense of witnessing, nor necessarily in the sense of explicit presentation. More like the opposite of invisibility and lacking awareness about it’s existence – let’s say I wish female* self-sex to be more represented in general.

In pictures of female* self-sex I see the potential to contribute to a broader view on sex and sexuality.

It might be seen as anachronistic, but surprisingly often ‚having sex‘ is regarded to be ‚intercourse‘, no more, no less, no other. If this is a new thought to you, I will try to put it in easy words: having sex is not limited to / doesn‘t necessarily involve / might not even be connected to putting a penis into a vagina. (mehr…)